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All sites are built using the WordPress platform and after many years of developing in html, Flash (boy am I glad that Flash has passed it’s usefulness for most of us!), I first adopted WordPress as a development platform in 2007. Although it was fairly primitive at the time it allowed something that many of my clients wanted: the ability to create and modify their own pages and posts.

As WordPress continues to develop, it is today one of the best (and by far most common) platform in use today. It simply works, and for the most part, works really well.

I also use a very limited set of Plugins and themes (so as to guarantee functionality and security), which I have vetted for many years. As many of you know, there are literally tens of thousands of Plugins, but some are unsupported and many have security leaks. What Plugins that aren’t¬†absolutely necessary for the smooth functioning of a site is not used.

Over the years I have also used many different hosting companies, but very early migrated most of my sites to WestHost, based in Utah. They were excellent for many years-providing decent security and excellent support, but as they enlarged, I found them wanting.

Two years ago, after an extensive search, I moved almost all my sites to Nexcess, also based in the Untied States, but in this case, in Michigan. They have either met or exceeded my requests and expectations at every level. What this means for my clients is a very high level of uptime (in the last year I believe it was actually 100%), security, and constant updating to the very best server platforms.