Why is this site so simple?

…and why might that make sense for you as well.

In the early days of web design-days which were ruled by a “Gee-whiz, I can actually do this!” mentality, websites became needlessly complicated (part of the problem I think was that many of the sites were built by coders, since it was almost exclusively their area of expertise), and duplicate menus, links to dubious sites, and animated images were all the rage.

We have learned a bit since then. Sites have become much more utilitarian, design has become much more unified. We aren’t trying to create so much a glaring example of over-design but something people can just use.

One influence that cannot be overstated in this simplification is the now common practice of using non-computer devices to access the web. Phones, tablets, etc. are now ubiquitous and tend to serve as a unifying force on design.

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